Funa Ye

Fire Golden Flowers -News From Shiman 炸金花

Fire Golden Flowers


I once read a political fiction novel News from Nowhere of William Morris by accident. The book is about a dream one had after joining a debate on socialism.


“News from Shiman”is based on a residence project of residency in Shiman, a small village close to Lijiang Town. By interviewing 25 local young people aged from 16 to 30, Funa gives insight into the drastic changes that rural-to-urban migration brings to “the new countryside”. Inspired by the low-tech products in rural life and their folklore aesthetic taste, she express flourishing creativity through her latest installation and video work. Different with the ideal scenery in mass consciousness, the artificial “second nature” substitutes real art, appearing as decoration in the scenes of life.

Young dreams are overwhelmed by the harsh reality and gradually turn to listless self-entertainment. Why not going back to hometown – the “ideal utopia”?

仕满村消息封面floor plan
仕满村消息 News from  Shi Man /Video/30’/2013


 新消息New Massage,5video:5',subtital translater Lijie Wang

假景—鹤鹿同春 Utopia Landscape:He Lu Tong Chun/Video/4’/2012玉龙雪山 湖北美术馆
pokerIMG_76012014-03-29 18.48.532014-03-22 16.36.30威廉.莫里斯 William Morris,藤本月季Rose IMG_7794假景:瀑布Utopia Landscape:Waterfall, Light box 30*30cm下3

Installation View (Solo Exhibition “Fire Golden flowers” , V art center, Shanghai, 2014)

2014-03-29 15.27.00 2014-03-29 15.30.27 2014-03-29 15.31.55 2014-03-29 17.14.35 假景:山水Utopia Landscape, Light box 110*60cm下2014-03-29 19.07.08IMG_7592 IMG_7808
2014-03-29 18.48.10 2014-03-21 15.56.53 2014-03-29 15.35.10 2014-03-29 17.13.16 2014-03-29 17.17.55 2014-03-29 15.35.172014-03-29 19.08.19