Funa Ye

Nailhenge 甲天下

A little Victory

“When I was young and I chose my way in life, I knew that society would be against me. However, I also knew that I would win. And that it would be a small victory.” –Saul Bellow


Nail polishing, or painting, is a self-beautification and decoration of the body; as a part of daily life of female, it is a mark of the artificial reforming of the natural extremities of the body. As the ancient practice of body aesthetics, then, how Ye convert it into a modern political shape of the right to life?

How an ancient custom or an everyday life of the collective unconscious, which is relying on gender awareness and which most people involved in the implementation on the extremities of the body, can be transformed into a contemporary one? Here, as blowout, it prompts the creation, reconstruction, regeneration of consciousness. Your body, your life and your time can also become a work of art. Not only this tiny custom revolution with a social motive, but also the individual who cannot vent her creative got a chance for release in the brief moment that become a new way of linking individual and self, individual and history, individual and group. With the growth of the temporary body, the creation bloomed, expired; leaving it’s fresh and then is preserved in literature.

The exhibition architecture that relies on the mythology of “Five Fingers Mountain”, “Stonehenge” reconstructs the tradition and history of the different civilizations. Noble and magnificent rock images were interpreted by everyday popular aesthetic. Ye imitated different kinds of mythologies of creation with nails. It is a creative and vulgar subversion of the divine origin. The mocking laughter and absurdity that informed by the lack of coordination and consistency are rising prevalent. “Nailhenge” is not only a rediscovery of everyday life, but also a reinterpretation. The exhibition simulated an anti-myth and anti-ritual order and established Ye’s own judgment about the cosmos.


Nailhenge: A Small Victory 甲天下—小小的胜利

Single Channel Video| 2’54″|2016

只手遮天 多色LED 灯 Multicolor LED Light 135×100cmYoung and Dangerous 只手遮天

Neon Light 霓虹灯|135×100cm|2016

甲天下 LED 灯 40×40cm×3 2016

甲天下 Nailhenge

LED Light LED 灯| 40×40cm×3|2016

展示癖 Exhibitionist 多色LED 灯管Multicolor LED Light 130×45cm展示癖 Exhibitionist

Neon Light 霓虹灯|130×45cm|2016

巨甲阵-彩虹画 综合材料 105×205cm 2016

Nailhenge – Rainbow Painting  巨甲阵 – 彩虹画

Nail Gel,Acrylic and Mixed Media 综合材料| 205×105cm| 2016

巨甲阵-光芒万丈 综合材料 115×215cm 2016

Nailhenge- Shine 巨甲阵-光芒万丈

Nail Gel,Crystal and Mixed Media 综合材料| 205×105cm |2016

巨甲阵-基因 综合材料 105×205cm 2016

Nailhenge- Gene 巨甲阵-基因

Nail Gel,Acrylic and Mixed Media 综合材料 |205×105cm |2016

巨甲阵-灵石 综合材料 115×215cm 2016

Nailhenge- Spirit Stone 巨甲阵-灵石

Nail Gel,Acrylic and Mixed Media 综合材料| 205×105cm| 2016

巨甲阵-美人鱼 综合材料 105×205cm 2016

Nailhenge- Mermaids 巨甲阵-美人鱼

Nail Gel,Crystal and Mixed Media 综合材料| 205×105cm |2016

巨甲阵-少女战士 综合材料 100×160cm 2016

Nailhenge- Warrior Girl 巨甲阵-少女战士

Nail Gel,Silica Del and Mixed Media 综合材料| 100×160cm |2016

巨甲阵-卍字谜 综合材料 105×205cm 2016

Nailhenge- Swastika Puzzle 巨甲阵-卍字谜

Nail Gel,Acrylic and Mixed Media 综合材料 |205×105cm |2016

巨甲阵-五彩石 综合材料 105×205cm 2016

Nailhenge- Multicolored Stone 巨甲阵-五彩石

Nail Gel,Crystal and Mixed Media 综合材料| 205×105cm |2016

巨甲阵-玉石 综合材料 100×160cm 2016

巨甲阵-玉石 Nailhenge- Jade

Nail Gel,Silica Del and Mixed Media 综合材料 |160x100cm|2016

巨甲阵-珍珠贝 综合材料 105×205cm 2016

Nailhenge- Pearl巨甲阵 – 珍珠贝

Nail Gel,Pearl and Mixed Media 综合材料 |205×105cm |2016

占领指甲系列 “Capture the nail” series 综合材料 comprehensive material 占领指甲系列 “Capture the nail” series 综合材料

“Capture the nail” series 占领指甲系列

Mixed Media 综合材料 |2016

展览现场 (4)甲天下 Nailhenge展览现场展览现场 (2)Installation view,Nailhenge — Ye Funa Solo Exhibition,Space Station 2016webwxgetmsgimg (3)IMG_6444Installation View| Historycode: The 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival”, 100 Lake Museum, Nanjing |2016

IMG_1378Installation View| CIGE Art Fair, Beijing |2016

14440836_1761626090763489_2346180191853985897_n14368655_1761625357430229_6916800912240421588_n14449764_1761625367430228_5830669072718237735_nNailhenge -Land Version

Inflatable Sculpture

14440921_1761625747430190_2350269224270710755_n 14433115_1761625850763513_8752202066810687808_n 14440815_1761625920763506_3417691727672262435_nInstallation View| Coart OntheWay Tour , Yin Chuan dessert |2016


Wind, Flower,Snow & Moon 风花雪月|Photography

Commissioned by Dizzle

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